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Targeted Business Analysis by the Business Structure Experts®

The Essentials

Targeted Business Analysis

Knowledge is Key to Success

That’s why we created RDC180º – a focused analysis of your business performed by the Business Structure Experts®.

If your business is lacking structure, your operations are not streamlined, and your bottom line seems to be shrinking, your business has bottlenecks that need to be identified and eliminated. The longer you wait, the more serious your problems become. But, how do you find that which is not seen? How do you identify the hidden issues that need to be corrected to fix what’s broken while you’re already juggling multiple tasks on a daily basis? That’s where we come in. We bring the time, experience, and resources to identify the invisible bottlenecks, help you develop a strategy to tackle them in a cost-effective manner, and help put your business back on the right path.

What We Do



Our experts will analyze your company’s current situation and help you identify key challenges and barriers that you must overcome


We will provide insight and expertise to help you navigate uncharted waters and make the right decisions each step of the way


Our team will help you develop a winning strategy to improve business structural deficiencies using tested and proven methods


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Built on Bedrock®


The Business Structure Experts®


Our mission is to equip business owners with the knowledge, expertise, and resources necessary to help them build a business on bedrock…one that’s independent of a fluctuating economy.

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