Production Pillar

Production planning and tools that will prepare your business to meet increasing market demand for your products or services

The 6 Pillars of Business Success: Doing Business Right
by Roger Doumanian available on

The 6 Pillars of Business Success: Doing Business Right
by Roger Doumanian available on

Extraordinary business success is the result of great demand for your products or services.

A good quality product or service, at the right price, marketed to the right audience, can result in huge market demand. That’s a great thing… right? It depends.

Too many business owners focus on growing their business without giving much thought to their ability to meet the increasing demand for their products or services. I speak from experience when I tell you that the number of customers you have is meaningless if you can’t meet their demands. You simply can’t focus solely on numbers, while neglecting quality and sufficient supply.

  • So how do you ensure that you have the right strategy and tools to meet customer demands for your products or services?
  • How do you maintain quality while demand increases?
  • How do you balance supply and demand?

By establishing the Production Pillar!

The Production Pillar in Action

The Production Pillar is key to maintaining a healthy balance between supply and demand for your products or services, essential for quality control, and the heart of innovation and product development. Your production team will play an important role in the daily activities of your business.

  • Product Development: Design and develop innovative products or services based on the data gathered from your market research and feedback from your customer service team (discussed in Chapter 6), to keep your company pipeline full.
  • Order Processing: Process orders by entering them into the proper systems, assigning production tasks to the right departments, packaging, labeling, and shipping products to customers on a timely basis.
  • Production Planning: Develop a production plan to make sure that products or services are produced in the fastest and safest manner, at the lowest cost, while maintaining the highest quality.
  • Provision of Services: (for businesses in the Service Industry): Provide services in accordance with your client’s instructions and requirements.
    • Quality Control: Preserve quality standards by testing your products or services to ensure that they are effective, safe, and reliable before they are placed into the stream of commerce.
    • Balancing Supply and Demand: Ensure that your supply of products or services meets market demand, taking measures to avoid shortages caused by underproduction and waste caused by overproduction.
    • Cost Efficiency: Minimize production costs by reducing waste and creating efficient processes, while seeking out vendors and suppliers that provide the quality products or services your production department needs, at the lowest cost.


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