Human Resources Pillar

Identifying and recruiting the right people, and implementing the right strategy, to develop a winning team

The 6 Pillars of Business Success: Doing Business Right
by Roger Doumanian available on

The 6 Pillars of Business Success: Doing Business Right
by Roger Doumanian available on

Extraordinary success is achieved by extraordinary people, each with their own strengths and gifts, working together, towards a common goal.

Even if you’re currently a one-person operation, there will come a time when you’ll need to build a team, if you want your business to grow exponentially.

Your people, the way you interact and get along with them, and the way they get along and interact with one another, will determine how well your team will perform for you. A healthy work environment is essential for productivity, and teamwork is a prerequisite to efficiency. A happy and well-trained team will perform at its best and produce positive results. Establishing the Human Resources Pillar will give you the resources you need to succeed with your people.

  • So how do you identify and bring the right people together to serve a common goal?
  • How do you treat your employees fairly and develop a winning team?
  • How do you comply with numerous laws and regulations that govern your relationship with your employees and their relationships with one another?

By establishing the Human Resources Pillar!

The Human Resources Pillar in Action

There are a lot of formalities associated with employment, and if you don’t know what you’re doing when you start hiring employees, you could get yourself into some serious trouble. Establishing the HR Pillar for your business will make your life easier because your HR team will handle all the following for you.

  • HR Strategy: Developing the overall HR strategy to outline the company’s staffing requirements and methods. This is done by determining where the company wants to go, who’s needed to get there, and how the right individuals will be found, hired, properly compensated, and retained.
  • Recruitment: Building the workforce for the business by finding qualified candidates to fill immediate positions and identify competent candidates to bring on board in the future, as the business continues to grow and expand.
  • Labor Law Compliance: Ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations, negotiating union contracts or collective bargaining agreements, and assisting the company’s attorney with legal matters such as lawsuits or arbitration.
  • Training and Development: Coordinating programs for such things as leadership development, skills training, safety, and prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.
    • Safety and Risk Management: Mitigating risks by implementing programs and policies that promote safety, reduce workplace injuries, and ensure compliance with workplace safety laws and regulations.
    • Employee Relations: Creating “employee relations” programs to ensure that the relationship between the employee and the employer is mutually beneficial, fair, and transparent. These programs maintain a healthy work environment and encourage employees to remain committed to their duties, honest, dedicated, and loyal to the employer and the company.
    • Compensation and Benefits: Establishing and administering the company’s compensation and benefits plans, including payroll, insurance, and retirement savings.
    • Worker’s Compensation: Acquiring worker’s compensation insurance and handling worker’s compensation claims to ensure that employees who are injured on the job receive the proper medical treatment and compensation during their recovery period.


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