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Implementing proven strategies for marketing that help you grow and stabilize your business despite economic conditions

The 6 Pillars of Business Success: Doing Business Right
by Roger Doumanian available on

The 6 Pillars of Business Success: Doing Business Right
by Roger Doumanian available on

Remember the adage “out of sight, out of mind”? 

It simply means that things are easily forgotten when they’re not in our direct view. It’s human nature… we tend to forget about the businesses that stop marketing their products or services.

When you fail to market your business properly and consistently, people will forget about your company, and they’ll go to your competitors to fulfill their needs. This stands true even if you do market your business but fail to accurately tell your target audience what your company does, as well as provide a clear explanation of your entire list of offerings. Your marketing message must be complete, precise, and consistent. Otherwise, you’ll watch helplessly as your competitors pick away at your customer base. Marketing fills the pipeline for your business. No matter how difficult times get, you never stop marketing.

  • So how do you keep your business on top of the consumers’ minds?
  • How do you keep up with the latest marketing trends and know which marketing channels work and which don’t?
  • How do you develop the right marketing message, at the right time, and put it in front of the right audience?

By establishing the Marketing Pillar!

The Marketing Pillar in Action

Exposure, brand recognition, and TOMA are all dependent on the creativity and strength of your marketing team. Establishing a strong Marketing Pillar, comprised of the right team members, ensures that your business will deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience, which in turn will increase sales and improve your bottom line.

  • Research: Conduct on-going market research, focused on gathering data about your target audience and the geographic regions where they are located, consumer behaviors, marketing channels, the effectiveness of the marketing efforts of your competitors, the effectiveness of your marketing message and approach, and the trends that affect the buying patterns of your target audience, just to name a few things.
  • Strategy: Create your marketing strategy, the blueprint that will put your message in front of the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place.
  • Content: Develop textual content for your marketing materials. What you say in your marketing message is crucial because words are very powerful.
  • Photography: Capture perfect images that tell beautiful stories through pictures. The right pictures combined with the right textual content will make a lasting impression on your target audience.
  • Videography: Produce videos that educate, engage, and entertain your target audience while delivering your marketing message. Video is a powerful marketing tool. Whether you use them on your website, run TV commercials, or distribute them through social media, videos can deliver engaging messages to audiences that prefer to watch and hear your marketing message rather than read it.
  • Design: Design your brand identity, marketing materials, social media profiles, and website(s). Assuming you’ve done your research, created your strategy, developed your content, and prepared your photos and videos, your design team will creatively bring all those pieces together to create an arsenal of marketing resources.
    • Programming:: Develop your company’s technology, including the programming behind your company website(s), lead capture page(s), mobile app(s), and various other elements of your digital marketing pieces that require coding.
    • Digital Marketing: Distribute your marketing materials and message through digital channels like social media, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, video marketing, and other digital formats.
    • Media Buying: Select media channels, negotiate prices, and purchase air time and space, for traditional advertising like print, outdoor, radio, and television.
    • Public Relations: Maintain a positive public image and perception of your business. As your business grows, you will need to manage your company’s reputation. People who are pleased with your products or services will occasionally praise your company online and to their friends. But, people who are displeased, will go to great lengths to let people know everything they don’t like about your business. Your public relations team will consistently monitor and manage your reputation.
    • Networking: Establish new connections and nurture existing ones through face-to-face, relationship marketing. Your networking team gets involved in the community, attends business functions, and connects with other business owners to establish relationships with potential clients or strategic partners.
    • ROI Analysis: Determine whether your marketing strategy, message, and campaign are effective, using metrics to measure the Return On Investment (ROI) from your marketing efforts. You want to be careful not to spend money on ineffective marketing


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